Amanda Trivizas Poses With A Plate Full Of Bacon

July 15, 2019

Already known for her dazzling smile and sexy looks, bikini model Amanda Trivizas once again reminds us that she hasn’t lost it. The model who is well known and has gained massive followers on Instagram due to her swimsuit pictures and of course the bikini body we all want to achieve sizzles in yet another beautiful bikini piece only this time she’s wielding a plate of bacon. You could say she’s about to attack it. This somewhat makes bacon look sexy and will probably leave you craving to eat it in a swimsuit and stilettos.



The Instagram model who is from Miami Florida was born and brought up in the United States of America. She is passionate about her modeling career and is indeed living her dreams as a professional model appearing on the covers of magazines and modeling for huge companies and also getting to meet a lot of celebrities. She has also earned a reputation from her risqué lingerie collection and her lifestyle photo blogging. She joined Instagram in 2017 and has since amassed followership of over 300, 000 people. You could say she wears her heart on her sleeves because her personality is shown on her pictures on Instagram. You could head over and see for yourself.  Among other things she appeared on the 2018 music video for Felix Ortiz titled “No Quiero Amarte”. She also models for KO watches and many other organizations, lingerie collections, and magazines. She is also one of the models to be featured on


Eats has among other things been described as the maxim of social media. With its founder and photographer Chris Applebaum, Eats photographs pictures and videos of women who have sexy personalities. So basically what Chris does is to take a bunch of sizzling hot models and knowing what they’d love to eat but sometimes can’t due to the fit lifestyle created a photo shoot where they get to eat it on camera. He gets to achieve candid exciting moments with these models and of course helping them get over their cravings which may be short-lived considering they’d have to work it out sooner or later. Now, these models are made to choose their terms and agency and even control over where their pictures turn up. They are made to understand that sexiness is beautiful and there is no objectification and coercion in working with him. You’d say he has done quite a bit for them and it has turned out in the videos he shot. He’s more like a shield from the nasty and crazy world out there for upcoming models who indeed have a great future if brought up right. He has worked with quite a lot of celebrities including Rihanna and Britney Spears and you could say he has been around a lot of naked and half-naked women to know what the viewers find interesting. His work has influenced a lot of popular cultures and is in high demand. Eats is the hub of all media and it needs to stay that way. Maybe because of the popularity of the founder and his contacts in the celebrity world as a video director just before he created his website. In his words

“I was a music video director for years, creating hits like Rihanna’s “Umbrella”, Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA”, Semisonic’s “Closing Time”, the Fountains of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom”, plus many others for Selena Gomez, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato…the list goes on and on (over 300 in total). Then I created the Carl’s Jr campaign where Paris Hilton washes the car – along with all the others for Kate Upton, Nina Agdal, Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski, etc. This was all exciting until I discovered Instagram, which looked and felt like a visual Revolution in many ways: an explosion of culture and cool not seen since the invention of MTV”.


His discovery led him to want much more and ultimately to the birth of Eats. He is quite talented and with an idea of what exactly he wants to portray to the world amidst the society’s standards and the need to objectify women especially those in modeling and the like professions. He also has a strong resolve so as not to get muddled up with sponsors who’d change the dream and this could only have come from experience and expertise so you’d have to give him that. These current videos are his most popular videos and you’d need to keep up and constantly check his website for more updates. Now,  let’s take a look at this.



So the 20-year-old model Amanda Trivizas did this shoot with already mentioned Chris Applebaum where she’s all strapped up in a bikini with a plate of bacon. Now the drama, of course, is in the way she eats the bacon giving a lot of suggestions to anyone watching the video. The thing about this video is that she actually loves bacon and it all just brings her personality to bear which is interesting. So she’s having fun and eating something she loves which all seems so unreal since she’s doing all these at work considering a lot of us hate our jobs. This video is part of a series of others featuring some of the most popular and sexy models in the world posing with food. This could solely and successfully be a marketing strategy for whatever food it is that the model is eating because the videos filmed by Applebaum are incredible and the models are just in their elements. The picture quality is right and so are the poses. The lighting just does right by her skin tone and we have to appreciate all the work that went into creating this piece of art.


Well, of course, she doesn’t get to finish the bacon on set but she has successfully created an image in your mind for the next time you get to eat bacon. Let’s hand it to Applebaum for creating a masterpiece and of course, let’s take a look at the comments.

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Amanda Trivizas Poses With A Plate Full Of Bacon
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