Antje Utgaard Makes Bananas Sexy Again As She Serves Up Breakfast

July 1, 2019

Antje Utgaard

Move over eggplant, bananas are back in business as the ultimate sexy fruit perfect for suggestive photo and video shoots and it’s all thanks to our featured model the beautiful and stunning  Antje Utgaard. You may have thought the reign of this delicious versatile fruit as part of a healthy breakfast to start the day right was over but the power of a beautiful woman has been known to restore many a thing in the past. In this provocative video shoot by the genius director Chris Applebaum, a celebrity photographer who is known to produce and direct some of the most interesting and mouthwatering foodies shoots today. Featured model Antje Utgaard is nothing short of breathtaking as usual as she cavorts around in barely-there makeup and with her hair in soft waves creating a look of playful innocence that matches her personality down to a T. Who knew peeling a banana and cutting it up could be so enticing or making a bowl of cereal could be done while looking anything but homely. Antje graces the screen as she slowly peels a banana and licks a table knife before going on to make the best breakfast you could have to feature a cheeky bowl of Cheerios.

We see the stunning all American model scantily clad in beautiful black lingerie in two videos that are sure to get you whipping out your blender for a quick breakfast smoothie. The video was shot for the EatsChannel and we can’t stop staring at her fit and toned curves in this video shoot where she rocks beautiful black thong lingerie set with criss cross details on the back and beautiful lace detailing on the bra cups. Antje Utgaard takes over your screen and palette as she begins her mission to make breakfast sexy again as she gazes sultrily into the camera while she spoons a bowl of cereal into her mouth. We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day so whip out your thing set and prepare for a lesson in nutrition as the beautiful model shows you just how breakfast should go if you want to have a healthy start to the day. The bombshell natural blonde bombshell serves up breakfast as she splashes a gallon of milk all over her good enough to eat body and the liquids drips down her torso in a pouring wave of milk waterfalls. The fun flirty video is available on the EatsChannel, a platform where we celebrate women who have beautiful and sexy personalities through empowering videos that help women feel comfortable in their skin while letting their personalities shine through.

Meet Antje Utgaard, model, actress, and TV host

If you haven’t had the chance to set your eyes on the beautiful Antje Utgaard then we are pleased to introduce you to this stunning beauty who can also be called a triple threat. With over 1.8 million followers on Instagram, thousands of followers who keep up with her adventures and travels through her posts on Facebook and Snapchat and a slew of photoshoots to her name, Antje is a fast-rising star in the entertainment world. In a short time, she has established herself as more than just an Instagram babe and even dishes out tips to her fans and publications on how to master social media especially Instagram and use it to your advantage just like she has, talk about giving back! The 5’10 blonde beauty often shares stunning pictures of herself posing and shooting beautiful pictures in countries all over the world like England and Amsterdam.


With natural good looks and a body most would die for, it’s no wonder this bombshell babe is often frolicking on the beach in barely there bikinis or posing in some raunchy ads and photo shoots. The American born 24 year old is often compared to another famous blonde supermodel and sports illustrated cover girl who also got her start on the famous social media platform, Kate Upton. Although they may have similar features, everything about Antje is unique and she makes sure she shows that off in every photo shoot or candid shot she posts on social media. The model has more talent than just her looks and has starred in shows like The Richy Show and a number of films like Sable where she played a girl called Anastasia thus setting her career on a never ending rise. Antje grew up in a small town in Wisconsin and was born to a family of Swedish and Norwegian descent who were also animal lovers who owned a chicken Hatchery. This fitness enthusiast who practices yoga and lifts weights often was originally interested in pursuing a career in dancing during her college days while she studied Fashion Merchandising and Marketing in the University of Minnesota but since falling in love with modeling, the goofy and gym loving babe has never looked back. Antje is a fan of being real, staying true to yourself and showing the world who you really are whether it’s in a flirty shoot with a cute puppy showing your goofy side or whether it’s in a post on social media in messy hair and a beer so it’s no surprise that she embodied the role of a breakfast vixen and brought to life the concept of this shoot.



We feature beautiful women and models who enjoy being free and know how to be comfortable in their skin while exuding sex appeal and fun in every video shoot. We have frequent shoots and posts where we share videos and photos featuring some of the top models in the world so be sure to keep coming back for a chance to get the full scoop on our latest releases you wouldn’t want to miss. Many of the popular shoots, art and behind the scenes shots by Curator Chris Applebaum featuring beautiful, sexy babes and food posted on our social media page are easily accessible on for your viewing pleasure.

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Antje Utgaard Makes Bananas Sexy Again As She Serves Up Breakfast
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