Ayla Woodruff Makes Cheetos The Hottest Snack On The Planet

June 25, 2019

What is sexier than a strong, sexy, beautiful woman with a sizzling personality who is isn’t scared to chow down on some snacks? Well, these pictures and videos of Ayla Woodruff snacking on some delicious Chester Cheetos (it sure does look delicious doesn’t it?) and having one heck of a great time, answers that question. The social media star/influencer and YouTuber stars in a Chris Applebaum shoot (who else could make food look this sexy?).

For those of you that will certainly be caught drooling while watching these photos and videos featured on Eats channel and directed by Chris Applebaum, you might at this point be very curious about who Ayla Woodruff is?... Slow your roll guys your questions have answers.


Who Is Ayla Woodruff?

Asides from being blessed with a goddess-like figure and a pretty face, Ayla Woodruff is an American YouTuber and a bona fide social media star… although after this scintillating photo session she would have to add supermodel to her resume. Born in 1992 on August 26, she was raised by her two loving parents Diana and Brian Woodruff alongside 3 siblings, including Blake Woodruff, an actor famous for starring in the 2003 comedy-drama Cheaper by the Dozen.

The University of California San Diego graduate created her YouTube channel after working as an assistant to the popular YouTuber Logan Paul. After posting her first YouTube video, she became a hit as she managed to attract quite a large number of subscribers to her channel. Armed with her amazing looks and attention snatching personality, she creates very captivating video contents about fashion, fitness, travel and other aesthetics of life that keeps getting more YouTube lovers hitting the subscribe button on her page.

Ayla Woodruff has been able to successfully take her brand to Instagram, attracting well over a million followers to her page as well as on her other social media pages, making her a mega social media influencer in her own right. There is little not to love about Ayla, as she is also an inspiration to women trying to stay healthy and keep in shape because she spends a lot of time in the gym. Despite her 4 feet 11-inch height, she is a sexy, strong, feminine force to be reckoned with as she continues to garner more fame and break new grounds.

Asides her off the charts sex appeal and desire-provoking look, photographer Chris Applebaum decided to collaborate with her on this Eats project because of her equally amazing personality… which came shining through on the videos posted on the Eats website and Instagram. She definitely would have gotten extra attention but this time the men because she no doubt stole a lot of hearts with this one.

This photo from the video shows the social media star sinking her pearly whites into a flaming red hot Cheetos. In the video, she wears sexy lingerie (bra and thong) that perfectly accentuated her tender curves. The blonde laid on the floor while arching her back and managing to balance a bowl of spicy Cheetos on her incredibly flat tummy. On the video posted on Eats IG page, Ayla Woodruff was very much energy as she was her usual playful self, jumping and bouncing around. As this is a Chris Applebaum shoot, she also apparently had a lot of fun eating lots of junk food, from hot crispy snacks to some creamy pastries… awakening the hunger in her fans and all that view the video. The series of short videos which includes one in which she wore headsets while playing a video game, yep! Guys, it will seem that the lady loves her video games, and has a competitive streak… but watch it! Looks like she doesn’t like to lose.

The other videos available on our site sees her having some fun and getting wet in the kitchen… Looks like the petite YouTuber had no problems getting into a kitchen sink to get all cleaned after she must have worked up some sweat from having a great time in this shoot.

The videos created by Chris Applebaum and posted on Eats are famously considered as “food porn” as they feature famous, beautiful, women eating and playing around with a lot of food. Chris Applebaum is a famous photographer/video director/ producer as he is well known for shooting some visually memorable music videos for a host of music celebrities like; Miley Cyrus (Party in the USA), Demi Lovato (Heart Attack), Usher (Dive), Rihanna ft. Jay Z (Umbrella) and a whole lot of others. He has also shot commercials for big brands like; Sketchers, Smirnoff, Head and Shoulders and other brands featuring the likes of celebrities like Kim Kardashian West, Nicole Scherzinger, Paris Hilton, and Vanessa Hudgens. He has of course directed and shot several other high-profile projects. His ability to capture sexiness and beauty uniquely, makes his videos stand out. But seeking to take his vision to the next level and creating his own thing, he decided to start-up Eats.


What Is Eats?

Hailed by a lot of people to be the Maxim of social media, Eats is a platform or brand created by Chris Applebaum. The platform seeks to create sexy, exciting content featuring models and social media stars. According to him, he decided to start Eats not only to celebrate sexiness but to do so in a way that it won't be “objectifying women”. The videos and photos posted on Eats are intended to show the personality of the girls featuring in them as they are giving the full control over their image. So far the site has featured several famous girls, namely; Debbie St. Pierre, Amanda Trivizas, CJ Franco, Ireland Baldwin, Linsey Pelas and Julia Rose amongst others.

We are looking forward to more Eats contents and if the Ayla Woodruff shoot and the others are anything to go by we will not be disappointed.

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Ayla Woodruff Makes Cheetos The Hottest Snack On The Planet
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