Amanda Trivizas Poses With A Plate Full Of Bacon

July 15, 2019

Already known for her dazzling smile and sexy looks, bikini model Amanda Trivizas once again reminds us that she hasn’t lost it. The model who is well known and has gained massive followers on Instagram due to her swimsuit pictures and of course the bikini body we all want to achieve sizzles in yet another beautiful bikini piece only this time she’s wielding a plate of bacon. You could say she’s about to attack it. This somewhat makes bacon look sexy and will probably leave you craving to eat it in a swimsuit and stilettos.



The Instagram model who is from Miami Florida was born and brought up in the United States of America. She is passionate about her modeling career and is indeed living her dreams as a professional model appearing on the covers of magazines and modeling for huge companies and also getting to meet a lot of celebrities. She has also earned a reputation from her risqué lingerie collection and her lifestyle photo blogging. She joined Instagram in 2017 and has since amassed followership of over 300, 000 people. You could say she wears her heart on her sleeves because her personality is shown on her pictures on Instagram. You could head over and see for yourself.  Among other things she appeared on the 2018 music video for Felix Ortiz titled “No Quiero Amarte”. She also models for KO watches and many other organizations, lingerie collections, and magazines. She is also one of the models to be featured on


Eats has among other things been described as the maxim of social media. With its founder and photographer Chris Applebaum, Eats photographs pictures and videos of women who have sexy personalities. So basically what Chris does is to take a bunch of sizzling hot models and knowing what they’d love to eat but sometimes can’t due to the fit lifestyle created a photo shoot where they get to eat it on camera. He gets to achieve candid exciting moments with these models and of course helping them get over their cravings which may be short-lived considering they’d have to work it out sooner or later. Now, these models are made to choose their terms and agency and even control over where their pictures turn up. They are made to understand that sexiness is beautiful and there is no objectification and coercion in working with him. You’d say he has done quite a bit for them and it has turned out in the videos he shot. He’s more like a shield from the nasty and crazy world out there for upcoming models who indeed have a great future if brought up right. He has worked with quite a lot of celebrities including Rihanna and Britney Spears and you could say he has been around a lot of naked and half-naked women to know what the viewers find interesting. His work has influenced a lot of popular cultures and is in high demand. Eats is the hub of all media and it needs to stay that way. Maybe because of the popularity of the founder and his contacts in the celebrity world as a video director just before he created his website. In his words

“I was a music video director for years, creating hits like Rihanna’s “Umbrella”, Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA”, Semisonic’s “Closing Time”, the Fountains of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom”, plus many others for Selena Gomez, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato…the list goes on and on (over 300 in total). Then I created the Carl’s Jr campaign where Paris Hilton washes the car – along with all the others for Kate Upton, Nina Agdal, Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski, etc. This was all exciting until I discovered Instagram, which looked and felt like a visual Revolution in many ways: an explosion of culture and cool not seen since the invention of MTV”.


His discovery led him to want much more and ultimately to the birth of Eats. He is quite talented and with an idea of what exactly he wants to portray to the world amidst the society’s standards and the need to objectify women especially those in modeling and the like professions. He also has a strong resolve so as not to get muddled up with sponsors who’d change the dream and this could only have come from experience and expertise so you’d have to give him that. These current videos are his most popular videos and you’d need to keep up and constantly check his website for more updates. Now,  let’s take a look at this.



So the 20-year-old model Amanda Trivizas did this shoot with already mentioned Chris Applebaum where she’s all strapped up in a bikini with a plate of bacon. Now the drama, of course, is in the way she eats the bacon giving a lot of suggestions to anyone watching the video. The thing about this video is that she actually loves bacon and it all just brings her personality to bear which is interesting. So she’s having fun and eating something she loves which all seems so unreal since she’s doing all these at work considering a lot of us hate our jobs. This video is part of a series of others featuring some of the most popular and sexy models in the world posing with food. This could solely and successfully be a marketing strategy for whatever food it is that the model is eating because the videos filmed by Applebaum are incredible and the models are just in their elements. The picture quality is right and so are the poses. The lighting just does right by her skin tone and we have to appreciate all the work that went into creating this piece of art.


Well, of course, she doesn’t get to finish the bacon on set but she has successfully created an image in your mind for the next time you get to eat bacon. Let’s hand it to Applebaum for creating a masterpiece and of course, let’s take a look at the comments.


Cj Franco: Jack of All Trades

July 10, 2019

CJ Franco

Model, fashion designer, stand up comedian, to name but a few of her specialties, Cj Franco is another jack of all trades. The 28 years old actress known for her role in movies like The Baby, No chance at love (2011), Sketch Juice (2014), and Coded Court (2019), continues to break more boundaries in her career. The Aquarius born model, whose real name is Celisa Ezetta Franco Lewis has been a part of quite a number of campaign shoots, many of which have been able to shoot her right to the top of her career. With a very sexy body figure and wonderful skin, it is no surprise as to why she is always the top pick for brands and photographers alike. With a very intimidating online presence, she has been able to define herself, values and also her brand. With over 400 thousand followers on Instagram and other social media platforms, she makes sure she has her fans following her every step of the way. Between photoshoot sessions, live feed videos and attending different events, you can easily tell she is living her dream.

She owns two dogs and apart from being very lively and fun to be with, she is definitely iconic and stands out wherever she goes. A popular fashion design of hers is the Neon Beige brand of athletic wear, which is both quite stylish and trendsetting. Essentially created for female workout enthusiasts and gymrats, these designs add a blend of trend and athletic into one item. Cj claims that she feels the fashion world is mostly dominated by the malefactor, that is why she decided to branch out and create her own line of clothing. She also intends to help ladies reduce the amount of time they use in deciding what to wear because we all know that is one major problem every female has. For example, immediately after a particular gym session, a lady who needs to go grocery shopping can sport her Neon Beige brand and not look out of place. And this is because, the attention paid to the details of these designs, make them not only comfortable for workout but also stylish to wear out of the gym.

On her blog website, Cj explains how she began her journey into comedy. It has always been something she wanted to do, and because she had crazy experience and stories to tell, she figured she could use comedy as an outlet. She takes comedy classes in order to get better at her craft, and she seems to be quite focused and innovative. Do you think she does justice to comedy just as good as modeling? You should probably find out. But one thing is for sure, she knows how to be in the limelight and use it to her advantage.

A couple of her notable works are quite popular, and a very good one is that with the Baywatch concept which took place in Malibu, 2018. This sexy model slipped into a red swimsuit, which had the word Mamacita written right in front. With the golden rays of yellow sunlight striking down her face, and an orange lifeguard rescue can in hand, Cj rocked every bit of the session to detail. Showing off her beautiful skin, long slender legs and sexy body in this shoot, she is the total embodiment of what a supermodel looks like. From the waves in the water, down to the sands on the beach, she has a talent for feeling everything around her and making every picture she features in come alive.

Another notable work is her denim on denim shoot in Malibu, back in 2017. She went topless and completely owned her look, rocking her hair back and forth. It is amazing the kind of confidence she possesses, and that is one thing that really makes her unique. With just a bottle of water in hand and her sunglasses, she showed off her perfect skin. All of these pictures were taken with a black and silver vintage car. It was around this time she started dating Len Wiseman, a very popular American film director who had just got divorced at the time.

Cj Franco also did another topless photoshoot on Los Angeles beach, this time in a grey swimsuit she didn't wear completely. It was a sports illustrated photoshoot and she laid in the sand, exposing her skin and other beautiful parts of her body to the camera. With her smile golden as ever, she gave so many sexy poses you just might begin to wonder if Cj is a modeling goddess.

She has worked with Chris Applebaum on two different sessions, which both turned out very great. The first was a few months back for the Fyre festival and Cj totally rocked the set with her sexy poses, showing off her bikini-worthy skin. She also wore a t-shirt with the inscription, 'I Love Bahamas' written in front and then got wet on screen. She sported white footwear, bottles of Evian water, and was seen eating a gourmet cheese sandwich all of which are related to the festival.

Another photoshoot session with Chris Applebaum, although it was not Chester Cheetah sponsored, Cj played around with bags of Cheetos. Smiling and bouncing around in her black lingerie, and her caramel colored skin shining like stained glass. She did real justice to this session by doing a cowboy gimmick in the video, but she had chopsticks in place of guns.

Being a model, fashion designer, actress and comedian all in one, it is quite clear that she still has so much in store for us. Being a boss lady under the age of 30, there's still so much to do, more grounds to cover and we are definitely rooting for her. She has got the warmest smile, a glowing skin she is always ready to flaunt, and her beautiful hair which makes her look like more of a goddess and less of a mere mortal. We can not wait to see what next you have in store for your fans Cj Franco.


Kaylee Killion Is Dripping Hot In This Sweet Tea Photoshoot

July 5, 2019

What do you do when life gives you lemons? Give them to Kaylee Killion.

Even if you weren't thirsty, after going through these short clips from a shoot with Kaylee Killion, we can bet you will definitely want that drink. Not that you would be complaining anyway.

The EATS channel project

The photos and videos were released as part of an EATS channel project with her by the L.A. based director, photographer and EATS creator Chris Applebaum. Applebaum who has shot several celebrities including Britney Spears is no stranger to naked women and he brings in that unique factor to every shoot to make the women look even more delectable that you can imagine. He's not letting us forget that with these videos.

The photoshoot features her with a big jar of what appears to be a drink. However, as appetizing as the drink looks, you know what looks even better? Kaylee Killion. Killion is probably one of the few women in the world who can still bring some sex appeal to the table while holding a big jar of sweet tea containing slices of lemon with just a stool as a prop. She is scantily clad in the pictures wearing a set of two-piece lingerie - a black bra and a thong. Her blonde curls which stop just above her breasts are loose and to complete the outfit is a black cowboy hat.

The short video clips, all uploaded to the EATS channel in Instagram are in three parts. The first part of the video which is appropriately captioned "How can one quench an indefatigable thirst?" starts with her slowly swinging her arms with a lemon in each hand. She is then seen fanning herself with her cowboy hat before proceeding to pour what appears to be a packet of sugar into an empty, transparent jar. The video shuffles between her trying to take off her thong and licking the brim of the jar, now half filled with sugar. Kaylee does all of this in this most provocative fashion and with over 150k views and 300 comments, you can bet people loved this one.

The second part of the clip is captioned "All Employees must wash hands before returning to work..." and you will understand why in a minute. Here, Killion, although she still has her bra on is thong-less and things get a bit more risqué here. She is seen swinging the hat around in one scene and in other, while seated on a stool, with the jar of lemonade aptly placed between her legs, she is seen swirling her hands inside the jar which is now filled with the drink. At one point, she takes out a lemon from the jar and squeezes it out on her chest while the liquid drips down her hand. The video ends with her seductively licking her hand as she looks into the camera. She knows what she has done. She knows she has got us.

In the third and last video clip, which is captioned "Kaylee moved to LA and said F this new paper straw’s how we drink sweet tea in Georgia..." we finally get to see her drink the tea or more appropriately put, pour it all over her body. Killion is topless in some of the shots here and we see her try out different poses as the drink is poured over her beautiful skin. The video is amazing and the wink at the end is what seals it for us. There is no doubt the fashion model was having a blast while participating in this shoot and if the hundreds of comments are anything to go by, then it is clear a lot of people were quite pleased with it as well.

Like the third caption gives away, although she now lives in L.A., she was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. After signing with her first modeling agency at the age of 18, Killion moved to Miami, Florida before finally making it down to Los Angeles, California. She's currently signed to Rebels MGMT, a social media model influencer agency. Although still relatively new to the modeling world, the shoot with Chris Applebaum for EATS channel is not the 23-year old's first big project. As a matter of fact, Killion has been featured on several magazines including Playboy Mexico, Fashion in Motion and Marie Claire (Latinoamérica edition). She has also posed for several brands such as Creep Street.


Want more of Kaylee Killion? You can check out her page on Instagram where she has over 170K followers. She is clearly comfortable with showing off her amazing physique and we can guarantee you will enjoy every single one of her posts.


Antje Utgaard Makes Bananas Sexy Again As She Serves Up Breakfast

July 1, 2019

Antje Utgaard

Move over eggplant, bananas are back in business as the ultimate sexy fruit perfect for suggestive photo and video shoots and it’s all thanks to our featured model the beautiful and stunning  Antje Utgaard. You may have thought the reign of this delicious versatile fruit as part of a healthy breakfast to start the day right was over but the power of a beautiful woman has been known to restore many a thing in the past. In this provocative video shoot by the genius director Chris Applebaum, a celebrity photographer who is known to produce and direct some of the most interesting and mouthwatering foodies shoots today. Featured model Antje Utgaard is nothing short of breathtaking as usual as she cavorts around in barely-there makeup and with her hair in soft waves creating a look of playful innocence that matches her personality down to a T. Who knew peeling a banana and cutting it up could be so enticing or making a bowl of cereal could be done while looking anything but homely. Antje graces the screen as she slowly peels a banana and licks a table knife before going on to make the best breakfast you could have to feature a cheeky bowl of Cheerios.

We see the stunning all American model scantily clad in beautiful black lingerie in two videos that are sure to get you whipping out your blender for a quick breakfast smoothie. The video was shot for the EatsChannel and we can’t stop staring at her fit and toned curves in this video shoot where she rocks beautiful black thong lingerie set with criss cross details on the back and beautiful lace detailing on the bra cups. Antje Utgaard takes over your screen and palette as she begins her mission to make breakfast sexy again as she gazes sultrily into the camera while she spoons a bowl of cereal into her mouth. We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day so whip out your thing set and prepare for a lesson in nutrition as the beautiful model shows you just how breakfast should go if you want to have a healthy start to the day. The bombshell natural blonde bombshell serves up breakfast as she splashes a gallon of milk all over her good enough to eat body and the liquids drips down her torso in a pouring wave of milk waterfalls. The fun flirty video is available on the EatsChannel, a platform where we celebrate women who have beautiful and sexy personalities through empowering videos that help women feel comfortable in their skin while letting their personalities shine through.

Meet Antje Utgaard, model, actress, and TV host

If you haven’t had the chance to set your eyes on the beautiful Antje Utgaard then we are pleased to introduce you to this stunning beauty who can also be called a triple threat. With over 1.8 million followers on Instagram, thousands of followers who keep up with her adventures and travels through her posts on Facebook and Snapchat and a slew of photoshoots to her name, Antje is a fast-rising star in the entertainment world. In a short time, she has established herself as more than just an Instagram babe and even dishes out tips to her fans and publications on how to master social media especially Instagram and use it to your advantage just like she has, talk about giving back! The 5’10 blonde beauty often shares stunning pictures of herself posing and shooting beautiful pictures in countries all over the world like England and Amsterdam.


With natural good looks and a body most would die for, it’s no wonder this bombshell babe is often frolicking on the beach in barely there bikinis or posing in some raunchy ads and photo shoots. The American born 24 year old is often compared to another famous blonde supermodel and sports illustrated cover girl who also got her start on the famous social media platform, Kate Upton. Although they may have similar features, everything about Antje is unique and she makes sure she shows that off in every photo shoot or candid shot she posts on social media. The model has more talent than just her looks and has starred in shows like The Richy Show and a number of films like Sable where she played a girl called Anastasia thus setting her career on a never ending rise. Antje grew up in a small town in Wisconsin and was born to a family of Swedish and Norwegian descent who were also animal lovers who owned a chicken Hatchery. This fitness enthusiast who practices yoga and lifts weights often was originally interested in pursuing a career in dancing during her college days while she studied Fashion Merchandising and Marketing in the University of Minnesota but since falling in love with modeling, the goofy and gym loving babe has never looked back. Antje is a fan of being real, staying true to yourself and showing the world who you really are whether it’s in a flirty shoot with a cute puppy showing your goofy side or whether it’s in a post on social media in messy hair and a beer so it’s no surprise that she embodied the role of a breakfast vixen and brought to life the concept of this shoot.



We feature beautiful women and models who enjoy being free and know how to be comfortable in their skin while exuding sex appeal and fun in every video shoot. We have frequent shoots and posts where we share videos and photos featuring some of the top models in the world so be sure to keep coming back for a chance to get the full scoop on our latest releases you wouldn’t want to miss. Many of the popular shoots, art and behind the scenes shots by Curator Chris Applebaum featuring beautiful, sexy babes and food posted on our social media page are easily accessible on for your viewing pleasure.


Ayla Woodruff Makes Cheetos The Hottest Snack On The Planet

June 25, 2019

What is sexier than a strong, sexy, beautiful woman with a sizzling personality who is isn’t scared to chow down on some snacks? Well, these pictures and videos of Ayla Woodruff snacking on some delicious Chester Cheetos (it sure does look delicious doesn’t it?) and having one heck of a great time, answers that question. The social media star/influencer and YouTuber stars in a Chris Applebaum shoot (who else could make food look this sexy?).

For those of you that will certainly be caught drooling while watching these photos and videos featured on Eats channel and directed by Chris Applebaum, you might at this point be very curious about who Ayla Woodruff is?... Slow your roll guys your questions have answers.


Who Is Ayla Woodruff?

Asides from being blessed with a goddess-like figure and a pretty face, Ayla Woodruff is an American YouTuber and a bona fide social media star… although after this scintillating photo session she would have to add supermodel to her resume. Born in 1992 on August 26, she was raised by her two loving parents Diana and Brian Woodruff alongside 3 siblings, including Blake Woodruff, an actor famous for starring in the 2003 comedy-drama Cheaper by the Dozen.

The University of California San Diego graduate created her YouTube channel after working as an assistant to the popular YouTuber Logan Paul. After posting her first YouTube video, she became a hit as she managed to attract quite a large number of subscribers to her channel. Armed with her amazing looks and attention snatching personality, she creates very captivating video contents about fashion, fitness, travel and other aesthetics of life that keeps getting more YouTube lovers hitting the subscribe button on her page.

Ayla Woodruff has been able to successfully take her brand to Instagram, attracting well over a million followers to her page as well as on her other social media pages, making her a mega social media influencer in her own right. There is little not to love about Ayla, as she is also an inspiration to women trying to stay healthy and keep in shape because she spends a lot of time in the gym. Despite her 4 feet 11-inch height, she is a sexy, strong, feminine force to be reckoned with as she continues to garner more fame and break new grounds.

Asides her off the charts sex appeal and desire-provoking look, photographer Chris Applebaum decided to collaborate with her on this Eats project because of her equally amazing personality… which came shining through on the videos posted on the Eats website and Instagram. She definitely would have gotten extra attention but this time the men because she no doubt stole a lot of hearts with this one.

This photo from the video shows the social media star sinking her pearly whites into a flaming red hot Cheetos. In the video, she wears sexy lingerie (bra and thong) that perfectly accentuated her tender curves. The blonde laid on the floor while arching her back and managing to balance a bowl of spicy Cheetos on her incredibly flat tummy. On the video posted on Eats IG page, Ayla Woodruff was very much energy as she was her usual playful self, jumping and bouncing around. As this is a Chris Applebaum shoot, she also apparently had a lot of fun eating lots of junk food, from hot crispy snacks to some creamy pastries… awakening the hunger in her fans and all that view the video. The series of short videos which includes one in which she wore headsets while playing a video game, yep! Guys, it will seem that the lady loves her video games, and has a competitive streak… but watch it! Looks like she doesn’t like to lose.

The other videos available on our site sees her having some fun and getting wet in the kitchen… Looks like the petite YouTuber had no problems getting into a kitchen sink to get all cleaned after she must have worked up some sweat from having a great time in this shoot.

The videos created by Chris Applebaum and posted on Eats are famously considered as “food porn” as they feature famous, beautiful, women eating and playing around with a lot of food. Chris Applebaum is a famous photographer/video director/ producer as he is well known for shooting some visually memorable music videos for a host of music celebrities like; Miley Cyrus (Party in the USA), Demi Lovato (Heart Attack), Usher (Dive), Rihanna ft. Jay Z (Umbrella) and a whole lot of others. He has also shot commercials for big brands like; Sketchers, Smirnoff, Head and Shoulders and other brands featuring the likes of celebrities like Kim Kardashian West, Nicole Scherzinger, Paris Hilton, and Vanessa Hudgens. He has of course directed and shot several other high-profile projects. His ability to capture sexiness and beauty uniquely, makes his videos stand out. But seeking to take his vision to the next level and creating his own thing, he decided to start-up Eats.


What Is Eats?

Hailed by a lot of people to be the Maxim of social media, Eats is a platform or brand created by Chris Applebaum. The platform seeks to create sexy, exciting content featuring models and social media stars. According to him, he decided to start Eats not only to celebrate sexiness but to do so in a way that it won't be “objectifying women”. The videos and photos posted on Eats are intended to show the personality of the girls featuring in them as they are giving the full control over their image. So far the site has featured several famous girls, namely; Debbie St. Pierre, Amanda Trivizas, CJ Franco, Ireland Baldwin, Linsey Pelas and Julia Rose amongst others.

We are looking forward to more Eats contents and if the Ayla Woodruff shoot and the others are anything to go by we will not be disappointed.

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