Cj Franco: Jack of All Trades

July 10, 2019

CJ Franco

Model, fashion designer, stand up comedian, to name but a few of her specialties, Cj Franco is another jack of all trades. The 28 years old actress known for her role in movies like The Baby, No chance at love (2011), Sketch Juice (2014), and Coded Court (2019), continues to break more boundaries in her career. The Aquarius born model, whose real name is Celisa Ezetta Franco Lewis has been a part of quite a number of campaign shoots, many of which have been able to shoot her right to the top of her career. With a very sexy body figure and wonderful skin, it is no surprise as to why she is always the top pick for brands and photographers alike. With a very intimidating online presence, she has been able to define herself, values and also her brand. With over 400 thousand followers on Instagram and other social media platforms, she makes sure she has her fans following her every step of the way. Between photoshoot sessions, live feed videos and attending different events, you can easily tell she is living her dream.

She owns two dogs and apart from being very lively and fun to be with, she is definitely iconic and stands out wherever she goes. A popular fashion design of hers is the Neon Beige brand of athletic wear, which is both quite stylish and trendsetting. Essentially created for female workout enthusiasts and gymrats, these designs add a blend of trend and athletic into one item. Cj claims that she feels the fashion world is mostly dominated by the malefactor, that is why she decided to branch out and create her own line of clothing. She also intends to help ladies reduce the amount of time they use in deciding what to wear because we all know that is one major problem every female has. For example, immediately after a particular gym session, a lady who needs to go grocery shopping can sport her Neon Beige brand and not look out of place. And this is because, the attention paid to the details of these designs, make them not only comfortable for workout but also stylish to wear out of the gym.

On her blog website, Cj explains how she began her journey into comedy. It has always been something she wanted to do, and because she had crazy experience and stories to tell, she figured she could use comedy as an outlet. She takes comedy classes in order to get better at her craft, and she seems to be quite focused and innovative. Do you think she does justice to comedy just as good as modeling? You should probably find out. But one thing is for sure, she knows how to be in the limelight and use it to her advantage.

A couple of her notable works are quite popular, and a very good one is that with the Baywatch concept which took place in Malibu, 2018. This sexy model slipped into a red swimsuit, which had the word Mamacita written right in front. With the golden rays of yellow sunlight striking down her face, and an orange lifeguard rescue can in hand, Cj rocked every bit of the session to detail. Showing off her beautiful skin, long slender legs and sexy body in this shoot, she is the total embodiment of what a supermodel looks like. From the waves in the water, down to the sands on the beach, she has a talent for feeling everything around her and making every picture she features in come alive.

Another notable work is her denim on denim shoot in Malibu, back in 2017. She went topless and completely owned her look, rocking her hair back and forth. It is amazing the kind of confidence she possesses, and that is one thing that really makes her unique. With just a bottle of water in hand and her sunglasses, she showed off her perfect skin. All of these pictures were taken with a black and silver vintage car. It was around this time she started dating Len Wiseman, a very popular American film director who had just got divorced at the time.

Cj Franco also did another topless photoshoot on Los Angeles beach, this time in a grey swimsuit she didn't wear completely. It was a sports illustrated photoshoot and she laid in the sand, exposing her skin and other beautiful parts of her body to the camera. With her smile golden as ever, she gave so many sexy poses you just might begin to wonder if Cj is a modeling goddess.

She has worked with Chris Applebaum on two different sessions, which both turned out very great. The first was a few months back for the Fyre festival and Cj totally rocked the set with her sexy poses, showing off her bikini-worthy skin. She also wore a t-shirt with the inscription, 'I Love Bahamas' written in front and then got wet on screen. She sported white footwear, bottles of Evian water, and was seen eating a gourmet cheese sandwich all of which are related to the festival.

Another photoshoot session with Chris Applebaum, although it was not Chester Cheetah sponsored, Cj played around with bags of Cheetos. Smiling and bouncing around in her black lingerie, and her caramel colored skin shining like stained glass. She did real justice to this session by doing a cowboy gimmick in the video, but she had chopsticks in place of guns.

Being a model, fashion designer, actress and comedian all in one, it is quite clear that she still has so much in store for us. Being a boss lady under the age of 30, there's still so much to do, more grounds to cover and we are definitely rooting for her. She has got the warmest smile, a glowing skin she is always ready to flaunt, and her beautiful hair which makes her look like more of a goddess and less of a mere mortal. We can not wait to see what next you have in store for your fans Cj Franco.

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Cj Franco: Jack of All Trades
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