Kaylee Killion Is Dripping Hot In This Sweet Tea Photoshoot

July 5, 2019

What do you do when life gives you lemons? Give them to Kaylee Killion.

Even if you weren't thirsty, after going through these short clips from a shoot with Kaylee Killion, we can bet you will definitely want that drink. Not that you would be complaining anyway.

The EATS channel project

The photos and videos were released as part of an EATS channel project with her by the L.A. based director, photographer and EATS creator Chris Applebaum. Applebaum who has shot several celebrities including Britney Spears is no stranger to naked women and he brings in that unique factor to every shoot to make the women look even more delectable that you can imagine. He's not letting us forget that with these videos.

The photoshoot features her with a big jar of what appears to be a drink. However, as appetizing as the drink looks, you know what looks even better? Kaylee Killion. Killion is probably one of the few women in the world who can still bring some sex appeal to the table while holding a big jar of sweet tea containing slices of lemon with just a stool as a prop. She is scantily clad in the pictures wearing a set of two-piece lingerie - a black bra and a thong. Her blonde curls which stop just above her breasts are loose and to complete the outfit is a black cowboy hat.

The short video clips, all uploaded to the EATS channel in Instagram are in three parts. The first part of the video which is appropriately captioned "How can one quench an indefatigable thirst?" starts with her slowly swinging her arms with a lemon in each hand. She is then seen fanning herself with her cowboy hat before proceeding to pour what appears to be a packet of sugar into an empty, transparent jar. The video shuffles between her trying to take off her thong and licking the brim of the jar, now half filled with sugar. Kaylee does all of this in this most provocative fashion and with over 150k views and 300 comments, you can bet people loved this one.

The second part of the clip is captioned "All Employees must wash hands before returning to work..." and you will understand why in a minute. Here, Killion, although she still has her bra on is thong-less and things get a bit more risqué here. She is seen swinging the hat around in one scene and in other, while seated on a stool, with the jar of lemonade aptly placed between her legs, she is seen swirling her hands inside the jar which is now filled with the drink. At one point, she takes out a lemon from the jar and squeezes it out on her chest while the liquid drips down her hand. The video ends with her seductively licking her hand as she looks into the camera. She knows what she has done. She knows she has got us.

In the third and last video clip, which is captioned "Kaylee moved to LA and said F this new paper straw’s how we drink sweet tea in Georgia..." we finally get to see her drink the tea or more appropriately put, pour it all over her body. Killion is topless in some of the shots here and we see her try out different poses as the drink is poured over her beautiful skin. The video is amazing and the wink at the end is what seals it for us. There is no doubt the fashion model was having a blast while participating in this shoot and if the hundreds of comments are anything to go by, then it is clear a lot of people were quite pleased with it as well.

Like the third caption gives away, although she now lives in L.A., she was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. After signing with her first modeling agency at the age of 18, Killion moved to Miami, Florida before finally making it down to Los Angeles, California. She's currently signed to Rebels MGMT, a social media model influencer agency. Although still relatively new to the modeling world, the shoot with Chris Applebaum for EATS channel is not the 23-year old's first big project. As a matter of fact, Killion has been featured on several magazines including Playboy Mexico, Fashion in Motion and Marie Claire (Latinoamérica edition). She has also posed for several brands such as Creep Street.


Want more of Kaylee Killion? You can check out her page on Instagram where she has over 170K followers. She is clearly comfortable with showing off her amazing physique and we can guarantee you will enjoy every single one of her posts.

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Kaylee Killion Is Dripping Hot In This Sweet Tea Photoshoot
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